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LIFETIME WARRANTY                Paint & Upholstery Protection

Today your Honda is shining and looking beautiful! It's in the best condition it will ever be. 
                                …but what about 3, 4, 5.. 10 + years from now?

Over the years, your vehicle will be exposed to contaminants and other foreign substances that will destroy its perfect existence, hence lowering the overall appearance and value.

Let's take a quick look down the road:

BIRD DROPPINGS. You already know that it's inevitable and unavoidable but what you may not know is how acetic bird droppings are. So acetic, in fact, that it only takes minutes for it to start eating through your clear coat.

DE-ICING MATERIALS. Hey, we live in Ohio and while we have pretty seasons, the winter can be quite harsh to our vehicles to our vehicles. The de-icing materials used to clear off the roads, otherwise known as ROAD SALT, can be responsible for 50% of automobile corrosion.

  • Acid Rain
  • Tree Sap
  • Insects
  • UV Damage

Interior protection: With Simoniz's Interior Teflon Application, included with your Glasscoat, you'll keep your cloth or leather upholstery stain-free. Protection against Fast Food, Coffee, Blood, Urine, Vomit, & More.

Keep your car NEW with Simoniz Glasscoat.

This car was Simonized and is in MINT condition! This particular customer was offered $900 more in trade value because of it's immaculate condition!

Wheel, Windshield, & Dent/Ding Protection

   How you care for your vehicle will determine the end value. The photos below were taken from a 1-owner Honda Ridgeline traded in after 12-years of ownership. This customer had full intentions of taking the best care of the vehicle. All recommended services were accepted & completed here at College Hills Honda. 

But maintenance is only one piece of the puzzle when it comes to the value of your car. Its cosmetic condition is the 2nd.

Below, damage to the alloy wheels caused by pitting. Estimated cost of repair: $600-$700

Below, a rock chip in the windshield.
Estimated cost of repair: $75-$200 per occurrence.


A Civic undergoing minor dent/ding repair using a paintless dent removal process. Estimated cost of repair: $75-$250 per occurrence.


Fun Fact:
Over the last 12 months, we've spent $26,506 in repairs for services that would be covered by Simoniz:

TJs Wheel Deal - $11,594
New Life Services - $6,481
PDR Solutions - $8,431

The dents, the dings, the chips, the rips & the tears. It's not 'IF' they happen, it's 'WHEN' they'll happen.

 1st Application of Simoniz - GlassCoat with Stain Sentry

  • Applied to the exterior of the vehicle to protect paint from Environmental Factors.
  • Interior application to protect upholstery from stains.
 2nd Application of Simoniz - Surface Pro

  • A second application of Glasscoat creates an additional layer of protection.
  • Dent Ding Coverage-covers 100% of repair to minor dents & dings.
 3rd Application of Simoniz - Alloy Wheel Pro

  • Applied to your alloy wheels to protect against pitting & abrasions.
  • Alloy Wheel Coverage-covers 100% of repair to minor damage.
4th Application of Simoniz - Vision Clear

  • Applied to your windshield to reduce rock-chip damage.
  • Headlight application to reduce yellowing.
 5th Application of Simoniz - SaniCheck

  • Antimicrobial Spay applied to the ventilation system of your vehicle that will kill germs and viruses so they aren't recirculated into your cabin.
  • Tested & proved to kill strains of influenza, hepatitis, & human coronavirus.