Brake Service in Wooster, OH

Brake Service
Suggested Service Interval: Every 10K miles


What is it?

During the braking process, debris wears off and 

eventually settles and hardens to the surface of the brake components. Over time, this build up causes a large enough layer to the components causing movement restrictions to the pads.

Your brake service through College Hills Honda will not only use a grinding process to remove all 'build up', it will also include lubrication to caliper supports,  slide pins, and all contact points of the brake pads.

What if I ignore it?

•Brake pads and components will work harder to perform necessary functions thus causing a higher rate of wear.

What if I take care of it?

•Regular service in this area helps to promote longer brake pad life and eliminates uneven brake pad wear.
•Ensures a smooth efficient movement needed for proper and safe braking.

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